Get those expensive furniture essentials taken care of — for free, before you move in

Luxury essential furniture that moves, built-in to prime locations

Avoid box store furniture you have to build and replace in 2 years


Ori has apartments for wherever you are in your housing journey. From semi-furnished studios - the perfect first apartment or temporary landing pad, to expandable studios and one bedrooms, which double your space and your storage when your household grows.


Ori rentals are apartments, without compromise

Explore Ori's inventory of rental apartments, which integrate furniture into real estate to save you money and improve your quality of life. 50 cities and counting!

Renting an apartment with Ori means having a nicer place and a better quality of life

Saving thousands on furniture and moving costs means you can spend more on an apartment you actually want, in a neighborhood you actually want, too.

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Better Quality of Life

Saving thousands on furniture and moving costs AND living in a nicer apartment in a better neihborhood means you have more money to enjoy the city you love, right outside your door.

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Studios & 1-bRs

Expandable rooms and nooks for growing households

Get an entire extra room without paying for an entire extra room in rent

Add up to 2x the extra storage to your apartment without extra furniture



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The Ori Semi-Furnished Lineup

Is Semi-Furnished right for you?

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Short answer, yes. Better answer:

You’re a recent college grad or going into grad or med school and want to leave the college apartments behind while saving up for your forever furniture

You have a new job or got promoted (congrats!) in a new city and don’t want to spend hundreds, or even thousands on bringing your old furniture with you

You’re moving to a new city and don’t know what neighborhood you want to settle down in yet. Wait for the furniture and spend a year in a better luxury apartment you can still save in

Explore Expandable Studios & 1BRs

Style and functionality


The future of apartment living is here with modern, robotic furniture.



Ease and flexibility

at the touch of a button


Ori moves with you throughout your day at the touch of a button.

Great value

made effortless


Ori takes care of your furniture essentials, making your move easier.

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